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Thank you for your interest in joining VEOLI!

VEOLI membership offers many benefits to visual practitioners, including:


  • A listing in VEOLI’s Practitioner Directory, as well as a personal webpage to promote your visual portfolio and other end-of-life offerings.

  • Skill-building opportunities such as practice sessions to scribe visual vigils.

  • Access to end-of-life resources (VEOLI’s Miro board, reading lists, podcasts, films/documentaries, etc.).

  • Networking opportunities with VEOLI members and other Death Care Workers.

  • Support and collaboration in end-of-life work.

  • Witnessing other visual practitioners' work in order to learn and grow your personal practice.



  1. Attend three meetings within three months to assess if we are a fit.

  2. Apply for membership by completing this brief application form and interviewing with a VEOLI member via Zoom.

  3. Pay membership activation fee of $100 (or whatever is reasonable for you) and in following years an annual fee of $50.

  4. Attend VEOLI meetings, once per quarter. (We understand extenuating circumstances might arise.)


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