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Deborah LeFrank, Visual Life Stories.jpeg

Deborah is...

  • A Memory Collector & Graphic Journalist

  • Founder of Visual Life Stories Ltd.

Deborah has…

  • Been a Memory Guide for 17 people who now have legacy books.

  • Created Celebration Booklets that are meaningful mementos.

Contact Info

Visual Life Stories, LLC Logo.tiff


Visual Vigil Journey by Deborah LeFrank.jpeg

Visual Vigil Journey

Visual Vigil Johanne by Deborah LeFrank.jpeg

Visual Vigil - Johanne

Deborah LeFrank's VIsual Life Story Book for Bob.jpeg

Bob’s Life Story Book

Deborah LeFrank's Life Story Accordion Book Example.jpeg

Life Story Accordion Book

Deborah LeFranks's Celebration Booklet.jpeg

Celebration Booklet

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