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We believe passionately in a world where every person can be prepared for end of life so that every day can be lived to the fullest.



We listen deeply to those who are dying and their loved ones, with the intention to capture their thoughts, wishes, and hopes in images and words.

Values & Aspirations

– Learning out loud together

– Curiosity and deep respect for end of life work

– Honor and support of people at this threshold

– A strong commitment to one another


Visualizing End-of-Life Issues (VEOLI) formally began in 2020 as a group of visual practitioners gathered on a bimonthly basis to explore how visuals could be of support and service at the delicate time of end of life. Within six months we had a dedicated group who found enough inspiration and resonance with one another that we decided to announce our discoveries and offerings to the world via this website.

VEOLI as a concept and an organization was formed out of heartfelt discussions among visual practitioners across the globe since 2016. In particular, we’d like to thank Prow Mallikamarl for her inspiring presentation at IFVP 2020 Virtual Conference Days and Leslie Salmon-Zhu for her wisdom and experience, especially with dementia at end-of-life. We also acknowledge the following individuals, whose contributions have enriched our thinking as we forge this new way of communicating about death and dying: Phil Bakelaar, Geri Briggs, Megan Davis, Susana Guardado, Rio Holaday, Malgosia Kostecka, Amanda Lyons, Ashton Rodenhiser, Sabine Soeder, Carla Dancy Smith and Emily Jane Steinberg.

Founding Members


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