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A memorial visual is a one-page visual summary of fond memories that are shared about a loved and celebrated person who has died. These are created by an end of life scribe who listens and draws in person or virtually during  a memorial, life celebration or eulogy. 


The summary is meant to preserve the stories, events and people involved in the memories shared, thus allowing  grieving family members and friends to remember and honor their loved one. Rather than thinking about how your loved one can no longer participate in these activities, consider how they would want you to remember them. What did they enjoy that they would hope you would associate with them?


Memorial visuals can help you focus on the happiness you and your deceased loved one once shared. The summary can be shared as a document or can be shared as a card or postcard. It can also be shared digitally via email or social media – all of which can be helpful during the grieving process. Memorial visuals also can make a beautiful record to share with future generations interested in the stories of their ancestors. Memorial visuals can make memories tangible, representing the individuality of your loved one, and can help you keep their legacy alive.


William's Life Celebration/Memorial Visual was drawn by Jill Greenbaum 

Bernard's Memorial Visual was drawn by Sherrill Knezel

Tom Johnson Memorial Visual by Sherrill

Tom's Memorial Visual was drawn by Sherrill Knezel

The Afgan Maker Memorial Visual by Sherr

The Afghan Maker Memorial Visual was drawn by Sherrill Knezel

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