Legacy Story Maps

It is a meaningful and sometimes cathartic process for an individual to review and reflect upon their life and the important people, moments, events and accomplishments they experienced. A legacy story map is a one-page visual summary that depicts a person’s life story or legacy.


An end of life scribe can work one-on-one with the individual or with loved ones to gather information and key details. The story often includes the arrival of new people in one’s life, careers, funny moments and meaningful, life-changing events. The resulting visual summary represents who this person is… their values, wishes and their impact on the world. 


Legacy story maps are created while a person is alive. Sometimes these are created as retirement gifts or at birthday and anniversary celebrations. They can also be used to honor, celebrate and tell the story of a person after they have passed and make a beautiful contribution to the ancestor record for future generations.

Legacy Story Map by Sherrill Knezel .png